NEWSLETTER: December 2017

Drilling a Well & Planting a Church

The women in Africa dance when they are happy and seeing water burst from the ground, is certainly a great time for dancing. Just a two hour drive from the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe there are still villages with severe drought conditions. Using donkey carts they struggle to bring water to their families from far away rivers. The Assemblies of God National Church asked Africa Oasis Project missionaries Steve & Glenda Evans to meet with village

elders to assess water needs, help with planting of churches, and drill 3 wells in the Kwarai area of Zimbabwe. Drilling through the desert sand was a challenge as the shaft kept caving in. Finally the shaft was cased all the way to the bottom. While the men drilled, the women prayed. When the drillers hit water, the women rejoiced by singing and dancing. Every night during the week, an open air crusade was held in the village and when the invitation was given for people to accept Jesus as their Savior many responded.

At a recent pastors’ luncheon in Bulawayo Steve saw Pastor Khumalo who had traveled 5 hours to bring a report from Kwarai. With a big smile on his face, Pastor Khumalo reported that the people are being blessed with the water and the new church is growing. Plans are now being made to invite the entire village to the dedication of the well, including the chief

and community leaders. Jesus will again be preached. What an honor it is for the Africa Oasis Project team to be investing in lives for eternity, along with our donors who are praying and generously giving.

“I Will Build My Church”

The Africa Oasis Project recently received an update on the fresh water well that was drilled in Naki-Est, Togo in West Africa. Missionaries Bernie and Brenda Smith oversaw the project and shared a wonderful report about the powerful impact of the well. Following is part of their story. A couple of days after the (Africa Oasis Project) well began functioning, the fetishers (local witch doctors) who had performed sacrifices to try to curse this project -- the same ones who had vowed to chase the pastor and his church from the community -- came and got on their knees and begged his forgiveness. None of the existing wells in Naki-Est and the villages surrounding have produced any water since the Africa Oasis Project well began producing. The regional chief told Pastor Ferdinand that if it had not been for the Assemblies of God, everyone would have died during the dry season as even the streams had dried up. The pastor and his family are typical in that they were often sick due to the poor water they used before. Now they are healthy. This story is being repeated throughout the region in Christian and non-Christian families. People are saying that the Assemblies of God church has given us life! About three weeks ago, the Vice-President of the Togo Assemblies of God preached in the church on a Sunday morning. He returned saying, “That pastor has become like a king in the Naki-Est region.” Remember, less than a year ago they almost ran him out of town! One of the results is that the church has grown from around 25 adults to around 60 and has started 3 daughter churches in the region. -Bernie Smith

We rejoice with the Smiths and the people of Naki-Est, Togo as they receive fresh water and the Living Water of Jesus Christ.

"And Enlarge My Territory"

There was a visit to the Mhuju Assembly of God where a plan was shared with the people about the desire to drill a well next to the church in the fu-ture. The village chief and several elders were present and after the ser-vice the group went out-side to see the proposed well site on the church property. The chief stated that “this piece of land is much too small for the people of the village to gather as they wait to use the well.” He said “you must take this large piece of land adjacent to the church property.” This land was currently being farmed by someone so the question was asked to the Pastor who the land belonged to. The Pastor said “it doesn’t matter. If the chief said it, it is so.” So Praise the Lord for favor with the chief and the elders.