NEWSLETTER: February 2016


We welcome you to the INAUGURAL EDITION of the Africa Oasis Project newsletter. It is our desire to better communicate with our supporters and friends in an effort to share some of the exciting stories about what God is doing in Africa. This newsletter will be published periodically throughout the year.

Water for Christmas

“How can I teach my children and grandchildren the joy of giving and helping others?” This is the question that a grandfather asked himself as he contacted the Africa Oasis Project. He was living a retired life in Maine when he had the idea to make a memorable Christmas for his family. He contact-ed the Africa Oasis Project and we sent information that shared about the ministry of helping those in Africa that so desperately need clean water and the Living water of Jesus Christ. The whole family got behind the project as they emphasized the need and individually sacrificed to touch the lives of people they will never meet. What a beautiful lesson the whole family learned about the celebration of giving. With true love they gave the gift of water for Christmas to touch the lives of so many in Africa.

Our Church is Growing...

Because of the Well

It had been a long day of drilling in the Gwanda region of Zimbabwe. When water finally burst through the ground, it was almost sunset. Pastor Sibanda was so excited and the people danced beside the drilling rig. BGMC Buddy Buckets were given to the women at the church on Dedication Sunday. Pastor Sibanda announced to his people, “Our church is growing because of the well.” The people were encouraged to plant a vegetable garden near the well, to have sustainable food to eat, in the drought conditions.

A year later the well had become the center of activity in the village. People with buckets and donkey carts were waiting to get water. Row upon row of green vegetables were growing near the well and the church. The same BGMC buckets that had been given to the women were now being used to water the vegetable garden.

Financial help from donors and a very energetic pastor who motivated his people, made this garden possible. Prayer was offered that the Lord would bless the garden with a good harvest. It was an emotional moment to see this growing church, in the midst of severe drought, working hard, carrying bucket loads of water from the well to help their garden grow.

Water Will Gush Forth in the Wilderness and Streams in the Desert

Zimbabwe: Children and mothers were digging in the river sand all day just to get a bucket full of water. Then they were carrying the water on their heads for miles back to their huts. Grandmothers were spending their day, watching over the little kids who were digging for water. The Africa Oasis Project team is so grateful that another well is producing an abundance of water for an entire community. We are so thankful for donors who gave so another village in Africa can have clean water!!!

God Still Touches Lives at the Well

On a Friday evening Panango came to see an Africa Oasis Project pump being installed in a village in Togo. He volunteered to help and had the opportunity to experience some of the Godly talk and banter as the people of the church worked with our Africa Oasis Project coworker to install the pump. On the following morning, Panango returned to see how the pump was working, and to talk to our coworker about Jesus. He had the joy of leading this young man to Christ and the local pastor agreed to disciple Panango. God is still touching lives at the well!

The Africa Oasis Project is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide fresh water and the Living Water of Jesus Christ for those across Africa who are thirsty for both. The Africa Oasis Project is a faith based, approved effort of the Assemblies of God World Missions – Africa. The Africa Oasis Project partners with a vast network of 45,000 local congregations throughout Africa as community touch points. The Africa Oasis Project has completed over 450 wells and other water projects across Africa.