Drilling a Well and Planting a Church in Zimbabwe

Steve and Glenda Evans met with the village elders in Kwarai, Zimbabwe to assess water needs, help with the planting of churches, and drill 3 wells. The drilling was a huge challenge as there was no rock to drill through and a casing had to be installed, increasing the cost of the well. An open air crusade was held in the village and many responded to an invitation to accept Jesus as their Savior.

When Evan’s were back in Zimbabwe they met with Pastor Khumalo who had traveled for 5 hours to bring a report that the pump had been installed and what a blessing the fresh water well is in Kwarai. To our Africa Oasis Project partners and donors we say THANK YOU and MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

Water from the Rock, in Benin

The students and their families at the Bible School in Dassa-Zoumé, Benin had to walk into the neighborhoods looking for drinkable water. Drilling equipment was brought in by the Africa Oasis Project and after only 8 meters of drilling they en-countered a large rock. The drill finally broke through and at a depth of 55 meters there was a large reservoir of wonderful water. It was first calculated that the water flow was an adequate 2,000 liters per hour. The drilling company representative told the director at the municipal water office about the fresh water and the good volume. The city director said “that’s impossible” because the city had drilled three wells in that area and they did not find water. What they did not know at that time was the water flow later increased to 22,000 liters per hour and continues to flow at that rate.

The Water is Flowing in Mozambique

The Africa Oasis Project recently received the following wonderful report from Missionaries to Mozambique, Joel and Adrien Charest. “This week we began a project to build a water tower with reserve water tanks for a church in Pemba. This church hosts all the provincial conferences for the ministry departments, yet their access to water is very limited. In fact, just weeks ago during the women's conference, the women were not allowed to bathe for several of the days due to the lack of water. After this project is complete the church will have 12,000 liters of water available at any given time. Special thanks to Africa Oasis Project for their support in this project.” What a joy to partner with our Missionary and National Church colleagues.

Three Wells Make a Difference

With great joy we can tell you that the three wells in the Togo villages of Bonagana-Sada, Kadjale and Mazada are providing plentiful water. A fresh water well truly makes a wonderful difference in the lives of these amazing people. Sickness and disease is reduced by up to 80 percent. Clean water is now available in or near the village and each well is supervised by the members of the local Assembly of God church. What a great blessing each well is. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who generously gave to provide these wells.

Agua limpia está fluyendo en Guinea Ecuatorial

“Clean water is flowing in Equatorial Guinea.” Malabo, the capi-tal city of this Spanish speaking country in Africa, is located on Boika Island. This country of tropical beauty has great poverty. According to the United Nations less than half of the population has access to clean drinking water and 20% of the children die before reaching the age of five. The Assemblies of God Bible School in Malabo has had no func-tioning water source for a long time and the only water available has been a dirty creek where people bath and wash their clothes. Recently the Africa Oasis Project worked with Missionary Carrol Deal to refurbish a broken existing well and also to drill a new well on the campus. By God’s grace fresh water and the Living Water are flowing on the Bible School campus and the Assembly of God church in Equatorial Guinea.