What are people in MALAWI saying about the AFRICA OASIS PROJECT?

(The following quotes are taken directly from Africa Oasis evaluation reports.)

 The new well is a great evangelistic tool.

 Cholera and many water-borne diseases are now becoming a thing of the past.

 The well has become a place for people to receive Christ.

 200 people have received Christ and 84 community members have joined the church.

 Diseases such as cholera, typhoid, bacillary and amoebic dysentery are not prevalent anymore.

 Now, there is a deep water well near the Assembly of God church and the community of 2,500 people sees the local church as a vital part of the area.

Water for Able First Foundation School

The community of Farafenni, The Gambia has an estimated population of 500 people. Janet, a Christian, retired Nigerian woman founded Able First Foundation School where a large majority of the children are from Muslim families. The students are hearing the Gospel presented on a daily basis.

A borehole was drilled recently on the school property and a solar pump, tower, and a holding tank were installed. Several spigots for use by the community were also installed. This new well is bringing focus to the school and people from the community are coming for the fresh water which helps to improve their overall health and nutrition. The well was dedicated on March 24, 2018. The children of Able First Foundation School wish to thank the donors in America who gave to provide clean water for their school and for their family members. We also want to thank missionaries Scott and LaVonna Ennis for providing over-site for this project as well as other Africa Oasis projects throughout The Gambia in West Africa.


Three decades of civil warfare, outside invasions, Boko Haram bombings and many other challenges impact the Central African country of Chad. The Africa Oasis Project is working to bring light to this difficult area by putting in a much needed water well at the Moundou Bible School. The Bible School students work diligently on their studies and preparing for the ministry, but they also spend much of their time trying to find water for drinking and cooking their food. Now, with the new well, pump, water tower, and tank they not only have enough water for drinking and sanitation, they also have water for irrigating their vegetable gardens. The Africa Oasis Project has been an amazing blessing to the students at the Bible School in Moundou, Chad in Central Africa.


Burkina Faso, in West Africa, is a country that continues to experience violence and terrorism but the national Assemblies of God Church is still praying and preparing. At the Kaya Bible School they are training students who will pastor in these dangerous areas. The Africa Oasis Project was recently able to provide a new water tank, water pumps, and piping to provide clean water for the students to drink and to also pump water to the agricultural projects at the school. With these improvements the students not only have food for them-selves but also enough to sell in the village 10 kilometers away to support themselves and the Bible School.


Mount Kilimanjaro is located in the East African country of Tanzania where there are many people who are in desperate need for Jesus Christ and clean water. The Africa Oasis Project has been working hard to meet those needs. In conjunction with the Tanzanian Assemblies of God we have just recently provided another seven village wells in the Muslim region of Lindi, in Tanzania.

A pastor in Tanzania said, “This is the result of 10 years of Harvest in Tanzania. The villagers are so happy with much gratitude for getting water; it is like a dream to them! We are grateful for your efforts together with all of the donors for making this project a success.”

Many thanks to all of you who contribute to the Africa Oasis Project. With your partnership we can continue to make a spiritual and physical difference in the lives of these beautiful people.