Recycler Transforms Trash to Liquid Treasure

Raheem Huseinbhai, a high school sophomore, spent nine months collecting bottles, aluminum cans and plastics for a special cause. Multiple hours were invested each week collecting and sorting everything to be taken to a local recycling center for cash payments.

Raheem’s goal was to direct his earnings from his recycling efforts toward a viable water project in Africa. Supported by his mother’s personal commitment to match whatever amount he could raise, Raheem called on four gyms, several stores and family friends for the full nine-month period. He circulated a letter to prospective clients explaining his purpose; “We can convert one person’s trash to another person’s hope!”

Raheem was able to contribute $1,650 toward his water project in Africa. He chose The Africa Oasis Project to carry out his wishes. “This great young man’s gift will be used to provide a much-needed well in Tanzania,” states Ron Hanson, AOP representative.