The Methods

AOP has, at times been mistakenly considered a well-drilling project. That is, however, only one component of our overall strategy. AOP’s priority is to study and assess each situation in order to arrive at the most valuable and effective intervention possible. A well may not be the best solution. It could be rainwater collection, simple sanitation training, improved drainage, etc. etc.

AOP projects focus on providing clean water for communities in need.

  1. AOP projects focus on communities with evident felt need for water. Providing or improving safe water availability should emerge as a priority in the community in the initial contacts and the assessment process.

  2. Projects should assure free and open access by all community members to the safe water resulting from the project.

  3. Careful assessment of the need and best practice solutions will help assure the success and sustainability of every project.

  4. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation systems and plans will be included in project planning in order to insure adequate outcome results for the involved community.

  5. Preferably each project should include a training component on pertinent issues impacting safe and available water and broader sanitation issues.