Water for The Gambia: Able First Foundation School

The community of Farafenni, The Gambia has an estimated population of 500 people. Janet, a Christian, retired Nigerian woman founded Able First Foundation School where a large majority of the children are from Muslim families. The students are hearing the Gospel presented on a daily basis.

A borehole was drilled recently on the school property and a solar pump, tower, and a holding tank were installed. Several spigots for use by the community were also installed. This new well is bringing focus to the school and people from the community are coming for the fresh water which helps to improve their overall health and nutrition.

The well was dedicated on March 24, 2018. The children of Able First Foundation School wish to thank the donors in America who gave to provide clean water for their school and for their family members. We also want to thank missionaries Scott and LaVonna Ennis for providing oversite for this project as well as other Africa Oasis projects throughout The Gambia in West Africa.

Retired Nigerian teacher started school for Muslim children.